MSH Autoresponder

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License: Commercial
Updated: 27 April 2015
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MSH Autoresponder is a Sendmail and Postfix milter that allows you to create server side auto responses on the basis of configurable criteria.



- Easy to use - Configuration is done by desktop application or one XML file.

- No more scripts - Forget about scripts, debugging and testing.

- Painless integration - Install application with one script, integration with MTA is done by standarized and mature Milter API.


Define an Auto Reply Message

You have control over auto reply subject, body content and additional custom headers.

Subject and body content support LDAP variables so each auto reply message can be personalized based on an auto reply sender.

Sender, Recipients and Message Headers scope

An auto reply can be send based on a message sender, recipient (searching in TO, CC or BCC field) and on a message MIME headers.

When needed you can define exceptions to prevent from autoresponding to spam or another auto reply messages.

Time Range

Define period in which autoresponder rule will be active.

With this functionality you can create rules which will send an auto reply only on holidays, vacations or Christmas.

Forward Message to Another User

Autoresponder rule can forward messages to your assistant when you're out of office.

Changing the subject of forward is very useful when you want to distinguish it from original message.

Protect Against Loops Between Servers

With this protection you will define how many times milter will send an auto reply in specific period of time (ie. in an hour) to the same recipient.

Set Permissions for Users to Access Application

Administrator can give permissions to users to connect to server and change own auto reply messages. They could edit, create new or only view settings in read only mode.

Integrate with LDAP Directory Service

Application can integrate with LDAP, so auto replies can be personalized with data from directory service.


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Java 6, Sendmail 8.12+ or Postfix 2.4+.


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