Author: bcx
Downloads: 358
License: Open Source: GPL
Updated: 21 April 2015
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A highly configurable greylisting milter that includes the ability to make Policy Decisions base on SPF Records. Common spam reduction techniques are included. It has run successfully for over a two years on customer sites. Whitelisting and blacklisting are possible based on IP addresses and ranges of addresses using CIDR notation. Greylisting is fully configurable. The daemon will automatically detect a changed configuration file and reload it. Full statistics of all actions are available in various formats. A pdf document describing configuration and installation is included. Have added support for the OpenDMARC milter.

Release 1.16 fixed a bug that could cause a DMARC protected site to fail its SPF check when its IP address was white-listed by gmilt.


A modern compiler such as gcc. The sendmail libmilter.a


  • Statistics
  • Signature/Verify
  • Security
  • Logging
  • Anti-Spam