Receiver Policy Framework (RPF)

Author: kazu
Downloads: 227
License: Open Source: BSD
Updated: 27 April 2015
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Receiver Policy Framework (RPF) is a Milter program to change actions of e-mail receiver side according to results of the anti-spam technologies. It supports IP/Domain based filtering, SPF(Sender Policy Framework), SenderID, DomainKeys, and DKIM. RPF provides a language to describe policy.

RPF is implemented against solve the dilemma of the anti-spam technologies. That is, SPF/Sender-ID is strong against ML but weak against forwarding while DomainKeys/DKIM is strong against forwarding but weak against ML. So, e-mail receiver would implement policy such that either result of SPF/Sender-ID or that of DomainKeys/DKIM is PASS, the server accepts the message.

RPF is written in Haskell without using libmilter.


  • Anti-Spam