Commtouch Messaging Security Milter

Author: gabriel.mizrahi
Downloads: 1027
License: Open Source: GPL
Updated: 24 April 2015
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Commtouch Messaging Security Milter acts as a communication layer between the MTA and Commtouch Anti-Spam and GlobalView engines, in order to determine the reputation of a remote IP or whether the incoming messages are Spam, Phishing or pose a threat (Virus, malicious content, etc). Commtouch data-centers leverage its patented Recurrent Pattern Detection(tm); (RPD) technology that analyzes more than 2 billion emails per day, providing Commtouch engines real-time classifications of the most recent outbreaks, allowing the Commtouch Milter to block messaging threats within seconds of their release.


Commercial license for the chosen services; For Anti-Spam and Virus-Outbreak Detection: Commtouch Anti-Spam Security Daemon. for GlobalView IP Reputation: Commtouch IP Reputation Daemon.


  • Traffic Shaping
  • Security
  • Other
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam