Author: fletch
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License: Open Source: GPL
Updated: 3 May 2015
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This milter is designed to allow your authenticated users on untrusted networks to safely forward spam/ham submissions to your spam/ham submission email addresses so that they can be trained as such with your spam filtering software.

For example, in my company we host email and websites for people but we do not have control of their networks and we use pop3 accounts for access. Because of this it makes it very difficult for our users to train their spam filters in an automated way. I wrote this milter so that they can forward an email they consider as spam or ham to a specific address. If they are a valid user on our system then their message will be logged to a file for training by sa-learn. Custom scripts can be written to process those files on a regular basis.

FYI I am learning c right now so any help/hints with the code are appreciated.


I have imported the code into kdevelop and added make file support. Anyone interested in modifying the code with kdevelop should now find it much easier.

Fixed a problem with the Make files and 1 memory leak in the regex code in functions.c

More minor fixes added. Oct 14 2008

Fixed a couple of reentrancy problems. Oct 21st 2008


Just a c compiler and obviously sendmail's milter api.


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