Author: AlexeyPu
Downloads: 1331
License: Open Source: GPL
Updated: 15 April 2015
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past half year in program was stupid bug - without option '-t' it doesn't work... now fixed

Set of program and scripts for archive mail into mysql database. It can:

a. dump mail(ASCII) from sendmail (througn milter filter) (C-based program)

b. import mail into MySQL database (PHP script)

c. automatically move imported mail into file-based archive, with grouping by month/year

c. seek mail in archive (PHP web-interface)

d. send archived mail to administrator (recover mail)

e. write some statistic info into special table


C compiler(GCC), php, MySQL

in last update i'm add code to maildump for check and autocreate dump directory...

Now it only beta-version(2010-07-05) without installer. but it really work >4 years on mail server for >45 users and >1Gb/month traffic...

Second usage: dump mail to ASCII files, so you can later burn it on CD/DVD, without import into mysql. for this in filename mask i'm add date mail & sender.


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