dnsbl-milter - Lightweight Sendmail DNSBL & DNSWL milter

Author: Haw Loeung
Downloads: 1458
License: Open Source: GPL
Developer: http://dnsbl-milter.sourceforge.net/dnsbl-milter
Updated: 27 April 2015
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A lightweight and flexible Sendmail DNSBL & DNSWL mail filter (milter). dnsbl-milter consults a set of DNS black lists and white lists to determine if messages from particular hosts should be accepted.


Comes in 2 versions, one of which requires Sendmail 8.14.x (uses the "xxfi_data" callback) to support sender address verification (aka sender callback). The other version is for older installations of Sendmail.


  • Security
  • Other
  • Anti-Virus
  • Anti-Spam