Engate Mail Sentinel

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Updated: 24 April 2015
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Engate Technology is an anti-spam appliance vendor that

helps companies eliminate their spam problem. Engate provides our SMB, Enterprise, and Service Provider customers with

unparalleled protection from spam attacks with up to 99% accuracy and virtually zero false positive occurrences. Engate accomplishes

this by analyzing all e-mail traffic at the connection level, and stopping any spam, image spam, phishing, botnets, directory harvest

attacks, and denial of service attacks before they ever enter a companyâs IT network. This in turn reduces the companyâs computing,

power, and bandwidth requirements significantly.

Engate is impervious to a spammerâs threats because it uses proprietary techniques and source information that cannot be forged,

circumvented or adapted by a spammersâ present or future ingenuity. Engate customers report a 90% reduction in exchange server

load and a 76% reduction in average daily inbound SMTP bandwidth requirements. This allows us to provide our customers with

superior security, more efficient network utilization, and reduced operational costs.


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