NEWT Blended Threat Filter

Author: wkilmer
Downloads: 818
License: Shareware
Updated: 12 April 2015
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NEWT (Neutralize E-mail-Web Threats) is a freeware e-mail plug-in created by Avinti that stops new, malicious malware attacks launched using spam e-mail messages. NEWT is a scanning-based filter that works with existing mail servers such as SendMail and Proxim to block incoming e-mail that contains URLs or IP addresses that link to known malware Web sites.

NEWT Benefits:

⢠Free application stops blended threat attacks

⢠Uses a unique URL-based blocking technique

⢠Customizable URL Whitelist/blacklist

⢠Utilizes a unique database of known malware websites

⢠Updates regularly for new attacks

⢠Stops attacks that are missed by AV gateways and web filters


Mail Transfer Agent/Database: * Sendmail version 8.13.6 or newer * Postfix version 2.4 or newer * Berkeley database version 4.6 Operating System: * Redhat Enterprise version 5 * Fedora Core 6 or newer * SuSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Connectivity: * Unrestricted Internet access on port 80 and port 443


  • Anti-Spam
  • Anti-Virus
  • Security