sfsistat (*xxfi_connect)(
SMFICTX    *ctx,
char       *hostname,
_SOCK_ADDR *hostaddr);


Called When Once, at the start of each SMTP connection.
Default Behavior Do nothing; return SMFIS_CONTINUE.


Argument Description
ctx the opaque context structure.
hostname the host name of the message sender, as determined by a reverse lookup on the host address. If the reverse lookup fails or if none of the IP addresses of the resolved host name matches the original IP address, hostname will contain the message sender's IP address enclosed in square brackets (e.g. `[a.b.c.d]'). If the SMTP connection is made via stdin the value is localhost.
hostaddr the host address, as determined by a getpeername(2) call on the SMTP socket. NULL if the type is not supported in the current version or if the SMTP connection is made via stdin.


If an earlier filter rejects the connection in its xxfi_connect() routine, this filter's xxfi_connect() will not be called.