int smfi_setconn(
char *oconn;

Set the socket through which this filter should communicate with sendmail.


Called When smfi_setconn must be called once before smfi_main.
Effects Sets the socket through which the filter communicates with sendmail.


Argument Description
oconn The address of the desired communication socket. The address should be a NULL-terminated string in "proto:address" format:
  • {unix|local}:/path/to/file -- A named pipe.
  • inet:port@{hostname|ip-address} -- An IPV4 socket.
  • inet6:port@{hostname|ip-address} -- An IPV6 socket.

Return Values

smfi_setconn will not fail on an invalid address. The failure will only be detected in smfi_main. Nevertheless, smfi_setconn may fail for other reasons, e.g., due to a lack of memory.